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Last night I saw an excellent documentary on Netflix about monogamy, It is great to hear alternative opinions about the greatest failure in relationships, the monogamous type.

In this documentary and in many others it is stated that for us humans it is not natural to just have only one sex partner our DNA is apparently not programmed like that. The documentary shows both monogamous and non-monogamous couples claiming that their form of relationship made them so happy. Well good for them!

I'm more interested in the fact how monogamy came about! If it is not natural who's idea was it in the first place? It must have been these religious nutcases who preyed on the jealousy of men and women and whispered in their ear, your partner is only for you!

So now we have a situation where most people limit the most important person in their life to have an orgasm (if any) with only their selves. Don't you think that is selfish?

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