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Dutch national Pieter Wilhelm was born in the eastern part of the Netherlands to a very religious family who attempted, unsuccessfully, to indoctrinate him with their brand of religion. A runaway teen who dropped out of technical college, Pieter worked the funfairs before cleaning and coating oil tanks on ships and in factories. After entering compulsory national service at 19, Pieter was convicted of insubordination for which he served time in a military jail. Once discharged from the army, he worked as a delivery courier and sold insurance. In 2005, Pieter emigrated to Thailand and became a language teacher in Bangkok. Pieter likes to travel, not only in Thailand but also throughout Southeast Asia, frequently off the beaten track. He is a profound atheist and a great admirer of famous atheists such as Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens.

The Second Poison is his debut novel.

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